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Quality policy

WELCO SRL was founded in 2021, as a natural development of the business started in 1992 with R.F. Elettronica di Rota Franco; the company is in the field of wholesale and retail sales of electronic components for radio frequency and microwaves. Through the e-commerce platform, Welco reaches customers all over the world guaranteeing express shipments.

Besides, the company's further activity is the production of customized coaxial cables assembly, built on customer specifications.

Welco Srl aims to invest in the telecommunication market increasing technology, supplying high quality products at convenient price and skilled technical support, always available to listen to customer need.

WELCO management - aware of the need to offer its customers only products which meet their expectations - decided to establish, maintain, and apply a Quality management system, compliant with ISO 9001:2015 international standard; For this purpose, the company set the following goals:

  • Improve the company's ability to understand and develop customer requests and respond to them promptly.
  • Identify, reduce and/or eliminate company non-conformities.
  • Reduce and/or eliminate customer complaints.
  • Improve the efficiency of company processes, respecting full customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure that its activities are carried out in compliance with the current provisions of regulations and laws applicable to the company reality.
  • Implement every effort in organizational and operational terms in order to fully satisfy the customer
  • Properly motivate workers through periodic training/training programs, trying to retain employees.
  • Implement solutions aimed at promoting a relaxed and stimulating corporate climate

For this purpose, the company has decided to implement suitable methodologies for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and improving business processes, that are critical to the quality, products/services provided and Customer and User satisfaction, in order to:

  • Evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of the Quality System in satisfying the specified requirements and in providing evidence of the conformity of the services provided.
  • Evaluate and monitor the efficiency of the Quality System implemented and in general of both economic and organizational management performance.
  • Verify the ability of the Quality System and the organization in general to pursue the goals.
  • Identify and implement suitable improvement actions, both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, of the Quality System.
  • Promote adequate training of employees.
  • Promote staff awareness and involvement.
  • Guarantee a development model that uses adequate tools.
  • Define appropriate goals and indicators

The company has committed to provide appropriate resources and tools to achieve the set goals in terms of competence, equipment, information, economic resources and to constantly monitor their efficiency.

Furthermore, the Management, intending to base its decisions on the analysis of objective data and information, promotes within the organization a methodological approach focused on the systematic collection of data and their periodic analysis.

To this end, the Management is responsible for all monitoring, maintenance, and improvement activities of the Quality System according to the set goals and appoints a Management Representative who is entrusted with the responsibility of documenting the Quality Management System.

Audits of the Quality Management System are carried out on a regular basis in order to verify its implementation and effectiveness in achieving objectives and planning any corrective and improvement actions.

The Management undertakes to review the adequacy of the Quality Management System at least once a year and to provide indications on any corrections and/or improvements to be made to its structure.

On this occasion it also verifies the achievement of the annual Quality objectives and analyzes any deviations by implementing the necessary measures.

The Quality Policy is periodically reviewed and, when necessary, a new policy is published. In order to promote the dissemination and understanding of the Quality Policy, the Management involves the Function Managers in order to spread awareness of the role of the individual in the organization.