About us

R.F. elettronica was founded in 1996 by Franco Rota.

Our main mission is to sell electronic components for high frequency, radio frequency, microwave and radio communication applications.

Our products are mainly used by manufacturing industry, research centres, measure labs, universities and R & D centers, repair shops in instrument and telecommunication sector, but also by radio amateurs and hobbyists.

All items listed in the catalogue, in middle and small quantity, are meant to be in stock, in this way we guarantee a fast shipment usually within 2 or 3 working days. We do not search components that are not available in stock on customers' demand, but at the same time we are continuously updating our catalogue in order to find new components thanks to customers suggestions as well.

Our 30+ years experience in telecommunications and microwave industry guarantees a reliable and skilled service, in fact our catalogue is also a useful tool for technicians. Important news and replacement information, for obsolete and hard to find components, are suggested in the catalogue thanks to a detailed research.

R.F. elettronica has a self-supporting and well equipped lab only used for components testing or customisation tests. Instrumentation is recently manufactured and offers the possibility to do high frequency measurements up to 26 GHz or 40 GHz (network analyser measurement, noise figure measurement, power, etc...). The lab has an interesting and particular aim, that is to do specific and hardly available measurements and tests even not furnished from the manufacturer (for example see our microwave absorber tests in the catalogue).

Our offices are not far from Milan, we have a wide store with about 6000 items available in stock for prompt delivery.

The structure of the catalogue is divided into several families and the listed components are the most required and the most used for high frequency purposes, like Schottky diodes, transistors, capacitors, inductances etc..., but also hard to find RF and microwave components like teflon laminates, absorbers, beam lead diodes, DR resonators, high Q capacitors and inductances.

Our team

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What can we do for you?

Our catalog offers a full range of microwave, RF and HF components. Obsolete, out of production and hard to find products are available as well as new and in-stock items

  • Fast delivery

    We are able to offer to our customers a delivery in 24/48 hours on national territory. For international shipments delivery time is 1-3 days with fast service or 3-5 days with economy service.

  • Customer care

    An efficient customer service is always at your disposal during opening time of office, even for technical questions, our staff is at your disposal thanks to extensive industry experience.

  • Best quality

    A multi-year telecommunications experience guarantees the customer an accurate quality control over all products, thanks also to our internal lab used to test the components.