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  • 1992

    The company was born

    The foundation of R.F. Elettronica

    R.F. Elettronica was founded by Rota Franco, an expert technician in radio frequency, telecommunications and microwaves. The activity is focused on the sale of electronic components for radio frequency and microwaves and is immediately equipped with its own laboratory to test and characterise both active and passive devices.

    All products available for sale are collected in an extensive printed catalogue, complete with tests, application examples and equivalence tables to guide product selection. The business is based on mail order, anticipating the times of future e-commerce.

  • 2006

    Pioneers of e-commerce

    rf-microwave.com was born

    R.F. Elettronica expands its workforce by integrating IT development resources, with the specific aim of creating a website specifically for trading in components and materials for RF use, increasingly enriched with notions and information to guide the choice of products: thus the website www.rf-microwave.com is born.

    Content was created in English, interfaces for off-line and automatic transactions were updated, and sales were extended to users worldwide. The catalogue already boasts over 4000 stocked products ready for delivery.

  • 2015

    The new site was born

    Investment in the IT sector

    On the strength of twenty years' experience in the electronic components e-commerce sector, the current website was created, introducing more and more improvements and customisations to make shopping easy for customers from all over the world. The company keeps pace by enriching its catalogue with new products, in particular coaxial cables with impedances other than 50 Ohm for matching the new LD-MOS devices used in RF power amplifiers.

    Following numerous requests, in-house production of assembled coaxial cables was started, taking care of every aspect of the product from assembly to testing with handcrafted quality and industrial repeatability. The dedicated section of the website was therefore updated, ranging from PTFE cables for frequencies up to 6 GHz to deformable cables for microwaves up to 26.5 GHz. Finally, highly appreciated by research centres is the flexible microwave series for laboratory and test with Huber+Suhner MULTIFLEX_141 cable, customised to customer specifications.

  • 2016

    Qaxial was born

    New brand of assembly cables

    The QAXIAL brand was founded for the distribution of coaxial products such as cables, connectors, cable assemblies, attenuators, terminations, and waveguide/cable transitions. QAXIAL products are the result of a close circle of suppliers we have selected over the years who meet our stringent quality standards, e.g. all our coaxial connectors exclusively use PTFE as an insulator.

  • 2021

    Welco srl was born

    New management and new headquarters

    After a long career in the electronics and telecommunications sector, Mr Franco Rota handed over the management and know-how to his collaborators, who founded Welco Srl. The new company is the natural continuation of the activity started in 1992, the current catalogue offers more than 6000 products in stock, with proven experience in the radio frequency and microwave sector.

    In September 2021, the new premises in Cesano Maderno were inaugurated, and thanks to the ample space available and the purchase of specific machinery, the production of high quality assembled coaxial cables was increased.

    Our mission is to remain in line with the growing technology of the telecommunications market, providing quality products at a competitive price and a service that is always ready to listen to the customer's needs.

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