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Brand: Mini-Circuits
Manufacturer code: ZFSC-12-1-S
Order code: DC-ZFSC-12-1

12-way coaxial power splitter/combiner, 1 - 200 MHz, 1W

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12-way coaxial power splitter/combiner, 1 - 200 MHz, 1W

This power splitter is particularly suitable to provide the reference signal, for example 10 MHz, coming from a source of precision like a GPS or a standard rubidium, etc…, for the time base of all instruments in a laboratory.

For this application it is necessary the divider have a good isolation between ports with the as small as possible insertion loss and a fairly large number of ports in order to drive many istruments.

The laboratory instruments typically accept an input level, for a 10 MHz external source, of about 0 dBm (1 mW). If, with a standard MMIC like MAV-11, the 10 MHz referene time base is amplified, we will get about +17 dBm of output.

By dividing the signal on 12 ports, each port will have 10.8 dB less of signal, so we will obtain from the divider an output signal on each port of at least +6 dBm, enough to drive any instrument in our laboratory.

In addition all ports of the divider are isolated and decoupled of at least 35-50 dB.

  • coaxial
  • SMA jack
  • 1 MHz
  • 200 MHz
  • 12
  • 1 W
  • 50 Ohm
  • inductive
  Title Dimension  
Datasheet 238.1 kB
  • US
  • 85332100
  • 130.00 g
  • No
  • Not available
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