Brand: MAXIM
Manufacturer code: MAX6625RMUT
Order code: MAX6625

Temperature sensor with I2C interface, -55 / +125 °C, SOT-23-6 case

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Temperature sensor with I2C interface, -55 / +125 °C, SOT-23-6 case

The MAX6625 is a temperature sensor circuit with I2C serial interface, the read range is between -55 ° C and +125 °C, the conversion is performed by a 9 bit ADC. It is built in miniature SOT-23-6 package.

This product can be considered a valid substitute of LM75 for many applications.
The output temperature, converted into digital value is always readable via the serial interface while there is a dedicated output OT alarm whose threshold is programmable in high-temperatures register. The OT output is programmable either as polarity, operational and also as hysteresis, it can drive mosfet or transistor that will then control power loads.

This device is recommended for the realization of oven to control constant temperature quartz, thanks to the small size it can be mounted in small spaces and very close to the quartz to control. This small device temperature sensor / thermostat is Low-Power so the power supply voltage is from 3 to 5V and the conversion time is 133ms.

Block diagram of the control
microcontroller via I2C bus

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