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cod. AIM-34-26 - Fresnel AIM-34-26

Fresnel AIM-34-26
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Categoria: Ponti radio e ricambi Fresnel
Codice d'ordine: AIM-34-26
Produttore: Fresnel
Modello: AIM-34-26
Condizioni: Nuovo
Peso unitario: 15.4 Kg

Coppia ponti radio Fresnel AIM34 26 GHz

  • Descrizione

Coppia ponti radio Fresnel AIM34 26 GHz.


2x Unità esterne ODU
2x Unità interne IDU
2x Micro-telefoni
2x Connettori di alimentazione
2x Cavi ethernet
2x Connettori RS232
1x Manuale d'uso ed installazione (in formato elettronico)

(Antenne non incluse)

Tutte le parti sono disponibili a stock e provviste di certificato di test.

The AIM-34 system provides the flexibility and scalability of multiple PDH and Ethernet interfaces in the 26 GHz frequency band. The AIM-34 system's broad range of data interfaces provides unparalleled operational flexibility. Users can start with a single 4E1, or 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection and then upgrade in capacity to 16E1, 4 10/100BaseT or 1E3 with the insertion of additional User Interface Boards (UIBs) into the IDU. The ability to fit any combination of UIB's up to a total capacity of 34 megabits per second (Mbps) is readily achievable with the AIM radio system. The AIM-34 system utilizes 4FSK modulation with Reed Solomon FEC, and provides channel plans utilizing 7, 14 and 28 MHz bandwidths.

Fresnel's Adaptive Integrated Multi-Rate (AIM)TM family of radios are designed to meet the requirements operators who wish to provide evolving connectivity to meet the bandwidth demands of their customers quickly, without recurring investments in infrastructure equipment.

The AIM-34 system's broad range of data interfaces provides unparalleled operational flexibility. Start off with one 4E1, 1E2 or 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection. Upgrades in capacity to 16E1, 4E2, 4x10/100BaseT or 1E3 are performed by the insertion of additional User Interface Boards (UIBs). The ability to fit any combination of UIBs up to a total capacity of 34 Mbps is achievable with the AIM radio system.

The AIM-34 contains an embedded SNMP agent, compatible with platforms such as HP OpenViewTM, and supports the appropriate standard, Ethernet, enterprise and private MIBs. Network Management interfaces also include TFTP, Telnet, and PPP.

Protected systems are available in Monitored Hot Standby, Space Diversity, and Frequency Diversity configurations. Hitless receive diversity switching yields improved system availability. Dual antenna configurations or single antenna configurations with either equal or unequal ODU couplers provide maximum flexibility in link planning.

Integral digital cross connect allows mapping of any logical port to any physical port at the same data rate.

Fresnel's AIM-34 radio provides a feature rich transmission solution capable of Adapting to the changing needs of customers, Integrating easily and efficiently into existing or new networks, and offering Multiple transmission rates up to 34 Mbps in one radio. The AIM-34 is a radio system that offers the correct balance of scalability, flexibility, high performance, innovative and standard features to provide not simply an alternative, but a long-term solution for addressing changing network requirements.

26 GHz PDH and Ethernet Bradband Wireless System

  • Fast Ethernet connection via 34Mbit/s radio relay
  • Radio relay system for data, voice and video
  • Cost-efficient wireless alternative to dedicated lines and cable-based systems
  • considerable cost savings compared to dedicated lines / fast return of investment
  • 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet interface
  • Up to 4 x E1 transmission capacity for telephone
  • SNMP support
  • Independent of network protocol
  • Range of up to 30km
  • Subject to license and permit requirements with the country regulation authority


Frequency Range (GHz) 24.5 - 26.5
ITU-R Frequency Plan F.748-3
Channel Spacing 7, 14, 28 MHz
Frequency Stability ±10 ppm
TX Power Output (std) +23 dBm
TX Adjustment Range (std) 30 dB
TX Adjustment Range (opt) 50 dB
Residual B.E.R. < 1 x 10-11 (below 34 Mbps) ≤ 1 x 10-12 (34 Mbps)
RX Overload for 1x10-6 B.E.R. ≥ -15 dBm
RX Sensitivity for 1E-6 B.E.R.
7 MHz B/W -79.0 dBm
14 MHz B/W -76.0 dBm
28 MHz B/W -73.0 dBm

PDH Capacities:
1 to 4 x 4E1 (4 to 16 x 2.048 Mbps)
1 to 4 1E2 (1 to 4 8.448 Mbps)
1 x 1E3 (34.368 Mbps)
Any combination of PDH and Ethernet data rates to 34 Mbps

Ethernet Capacities:
1 to 4 x 10/100BTx Ethernet
8.4 Mb throughput in 7 MHz B/W
17 Mb throughput in 14 MHz B/W
34 Mb throughput in 28 MHz B/W
Any combination of PDH and Ethernet data rates to 34 Mbps

Physical Interfaces:
E1 - 120Ω Balanced - RJ45
10/100BaseT Ethernet - RJ45

Network Management:
Embedded SNMP; standard, Ethernet, enterprise and private MIBs, Telnet, TFTP over Ethernet PPP over RS232, Console (CMI)

Auxiliary Channels:
Engineering Orderwire, 300 - 3400 Hz
Asynchronous Data Channel, RS232, 9600 Baud
Synchronous Data Channel, RS-422, 64 Kbps

External Alarm I/O:
Five form C relay outputs
Five TTL inputs
Power Requirements:
Input Voltage: ±19.2 to ±72 VDC
Consumption: 45 - 55 watts depending on UIB configuration

IDU to ODU Interface:
One 50Ω coaxial cable
Distance: up to 300 meters
Connector: N Type

1995/5/EC R&TTE Directive

Temperature Range:
ODU: -33°C to +60°C (EN 300 019, Class 4.1)
IDU: -10°C to +55°C (EN 300 019, Class 3.2)
ODU: All-weather operation
up to 95%, non-condensing
IDU and ODU: Up to 4,500 meters

Mechanical (H x W x D):
ODU: 292 x 292 x 127 mm (11.5" x 11.5" x 5")
IDU: 45 x 445 x 254 mm (1.75" x 17.5" x 10" 1RU 19" Rack)
ODU: 5.2 kg (11.4 lbs)
IDU: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)

This is the complete system as supplied, it is composed of two external units (ODU) and two internal units (IDU)
Antenna connector detail (antennas are not provided)
Identification plate of the system
Connections detail: BNC connector for RSSI measurement during the tracking of antennas, N connector for cable connection with the internal unit (IDU)
I/O ports on the internal unit (IDU):
1x Ethernet 10/100
4x balanced 120 Ohm E1
+48Vcc power supply connection, N connector for cable connection with the external unit (ODU), RS232 + Ethernet ports for remote console connection by PC, micro-telephone (provided in couple) connection port for voice connection between the two radio links

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