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Coppia ponti radio Fresnel MiniWave 38 GHz

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Coppia ponti radio Fresnel MiniWave 38 GHz

Coppia ponti radio Fresnel MiniWave 38 GHz


2x Unità esterne ODU
1x Software di configurazione

1x Manuale d'uso ed installazione (in formato elettronico)

(Antenne non incluse)

Tutte le parti sono disponibili a stock e provviste di certificato di test.

Fresnel's MiniWave radio system provides good performance in a small, lightweight, cost effective package.

The MiniWave features an ODU only design and can be interfaced either directly via a multi-pin connector designed to offer the end user the maximum flexibility of installation.

All features of the MiniWave radio can be accessed directly from a standard Windows™ computer, allowing full configuration, operation and diagnostics of the system.

The MiniWave radio offers a 1E1 wireless solution for transmission of voice and data.

The MiniWave radio system is designed specifically for low capacity, non-protected (1+0) applications such as cellular interconnect for micro-cell and pico-cell sites, needing one E1 connection. The MiniWave radio meets the total cost/life cycle and performance requirements for users such as:

  • Public and Private Telephone Operators (PTT, PTO)
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Utilities (Power, Oil & Gas)
  • Enterprise/Corporate Networks
  • Disaster Recovery Communications

Digital Millimetric Radio Systems

  • Frequency band 38 GHz
  • All outdoor solution
  • Comprehensive allarms & test diagnostic
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Full configuration and monitoring via laptop PC
  • Robust design yields high reliability
Frequency Range (GHz) 37.6 - 39.4
ITU-R Frequency Plan F.749-1
Channel Spacing 3.5 MHz
Frequency Stability ±15 ppm
Tuning Range 560 MHz
TX Power Output +2 dBm
Residual B.E.R. 1 x 10-11
RX Overload for 1x10-6 B.E.R. ≥ -15 dBm
RX Sensitivity for 1E-6 B.E.R. ≤ -83.5 dBm

Digital Interface:
Type: E1, Compliant to G.703
Impedance: 120 ? Balanced, or 75 ? Unbalanced via TM
Digital Line Code: HDB3

2FSK (1E1), 3.5 MHz channel bandwidth

Frequency Source:
Fully Sinthesized
RF channel selection programmable using a laptop PC

System Configuration:
Non-Protected (1+0)

Comprenhensive Real Time Alarms (15 off)
indication via laptop PC and summary
via relay contact closure

Alarm History For All Alarms
indication via laptop PC

External Failure Indicators
contact closure

local and remote data loopbacks

Power Requirements:
Input Voltage: ±19 to ±70 VDC
Consumption: 25 watts

Temperature Range:
ODU: -33°C to +60°C (EN 300 019, Class 4.1)
ODU: All-weather operation
ODU: Up to 4,500 meters

Mechanical (H x W x D):
ODU: 257 x 257 x 170 mm (10.1" x 10.1" x 6.7")
ODU: 4.5 kg (10 lbs)

This is the complete system as supplied, it is composed of two external units (ODU)
Identification plate of the system
Multipole power supply connector and digital interface
Antenna connector detail (antennas are not provided)
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