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Category: Wire-stripping tools
Order code: STRIP-316-58
Manufacturer: COREX
Conditions: New
Unit weight: 70.00 g

Wire stripping tool for coaxial cables RG174, RG188, RG316, RG178, RG196 and more up to 6 mm diameter

  • Description

This wire stripping tool can do 2 or 3 cuts on flexible PTFE or polyethylene coaxial cables for coaxial connectors mounting. Cuts can be don on the external jacket, on the shield, and on the inner insulator.

This tools supplied as follow:

- Wire stripper with cutting blade and a spare one
- Four coulored adapters for different coaxial cables sizes
- Hex key for cut regulations
- Two original user manuals

Adapters Details:

- WHITE: for coaxial cables RG316, RG316 double shield (RD316), RG174, RG188
- BLUE: for coaxial cables RG58, RG223, RG59, RG62
- GIALLO: for coaxial cables RG6, Belden 8281
- ROSSO: for coaxial cables RG195, RG180

Short usage explanation:

Turn the 3 screws with the provided hex key to set the blades height for the correct wire stripping.

Depending on the coaxial connector select if you want to do 2 or 3 cuts on the cable (usually connectors need 3 cuts)

Plug the cable to get it out on the other side and close the ring marked with the arrows.

Depending on the type of cable (see table in the manual) with the slide progression select the correct sequence of stripping; important that the stripping is carried out starting from the highest number eg. for RG58: 3, 2, 1 (see the table in the manual).

For each stripping make 5 or 6 clockwise rotations of the tool, open the ring marked with the arrows and you get our stripped cable.

Due to the variety of different protective jackets different for each cable and manufacturer, the cut on the outer jacket and its removal could be improved through an additional manual cutting.

Check the supplied manuals for more details.

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