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cod. SL6700C - Plessey Semiconductors SL6700C

Plessey Semiconductors SL6700C
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Category: Transmitters, receivers, IF amplifiers, modulators and demodulators
Order code: SL6700C
Manufacturer: Plessey Semiconductors
Model p/n: SL6700C
Conditions: New
Unit weight: 0.50 g

IF amplifier and AM detector integrated circuit, supply voltage 4.5V, 18-lead DIL plastic package

  • Description

IF amplifier and AM detector integrated circuit, supply voltage 4.5V, 18-lead DIL plastic package

IF for AM-SSB-CW with 100dB of dynamic range, this circuit has good performances, suitable both for single and double conversion, it has inside two IF amplifiers up to 25 MHz so it is possible to insert a filter between them, linear detector for AM-SSB-CW, AGC generator, delay stage for AGC, double balanced mixer and noise blanker.

Its versatility allows to use independently all the inner stages so thanks to this feature it can be used also as SSB generator and it doesn’t need any adjustment for the carrier suppression.

As IF filter it is suggested the cheap type CFU-455H (cod. F-455K-B8) or Collins 526-9939-010 (cod. F-455K-K10), the AGC circuit is within 4dB in AM and 5dB in SSB from 5μV to 100mV RF, a wide documentation source can be found from the book “Optimizing Wireless/RF Circuits” by John D. Lenk and from many HF receivers electric diagrams that use this device.

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