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cod. PTF10041 - ERICSSON PTF10041

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Category: Transistors - power FET and MOSFET
Order code: PTF10041
Manufacturer: ERICSSON
Model p/n: PTF10041
Conditions: New
Unit weight: 0.50 g
datasheet (522 KB)datasheet (287 KB)PRINTABLE VERSION

RF power LD MOSFET, 26V, 12W

  • Specifications
  • Description
Output power:12 W
Dissipated power (Ptot):58 W
Drain-source voltage (Vds max):64 V
Supply voltage:26 V
Mounting or package:SMD
Frequency bands:UHF

RF power LD MOSFET, 26V, 12W


  • Input voltage: 26V
  • Gate-Source voltage: ±20V
  • Drain-Source voltage: 65V
  • Output power: 12W
  • Total device dissipation: 58W
  • Power gain: 10dB @ 1930 MHz, 26V, 155mA, Pout 3W

This power FET is available for use in the 400 MHz - 2.4 GHz band at a very affordable price. Due to the remarkable development of 1.9 GHz band base stations for cellular and other wireless infrastructure, now are available devices with a professional ceramic case at costs so far unthinkable. This FET for medium power applications up to 2.4 GHz is currently the best compromise between cost and quality. Of course you can also use them starting form 100 MHz but we believe more convenient an usage over 400 MHz, in fact the device is not pre-matched and so it can work very well on broadband circuits.

WARNING: due to the high gain and low frequencies we suggest (like for all wide band devices) to limit gain for lower frequencies. In fact the circuit below is not the best obtainable in performances for PTF10041 at 1.3 GHz but it is very stable because it has not self-oscillations and it gives a weaker amplification at lower frequencies.

PTF10041 test at 1.3 GHz

It is preferable to get the bias circuit from a common voltage stabilizer,
the bias voltage on the gate is about +4.5/+5V

C1 = 6p8
C2 = 5p6
C3 = 2p7
C4 = 2p7
C5 = 3p3
C6 + C7 = by-pass ceramic
C8 = by-pass tantalum
R1 = 470Ω 0805
R2 = 470Ω 0805
R3 = 8.2KΩ 0805
R4 = 10 kΩ
L1 = 2 t Ø 5 mm CuAg Ø 0.5 – 0.6 mm
L2 + L3 = RF choke
Z1 + Z2 see PCB
PCB = FR4 0,8 mm thickness

VCC = 12.6V
Bias 150 mA : 2.8 W @ 0.6 A 10.5 dBGlin --- Bias 300 mA : 3.4 W @ 0.7 A 12.8 dBGlin
Bias 500 mA : 4 W @ 0.8 A 13.5 dBGlin --- V bias ~ + 5V --- B-1dB = ~ 100 MHz

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