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cod. BAT62-03W - Siemens BAT62-03W

Siemens BAT62-03W
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Category: Schottky diodes (hot carrier)
Order code: BAT62-03W
Manufacturer: Siemens
Model p/n: BAT62-03W
Conditions: Brand new
Unit weight: 0.10 g
datasheet (43 KB)datasheet (627 KB)PRINTABLE VERSION

Schottky diode

  • Specifications
  • Description
Reverse voltage (VR):40 V
Forward voltage (VF typ., IF = 1 mA):430 mV
Forward current (IF):40 mA
Capacitance (CJ):0.35 pF
Junction temp. (Tj) (°C):150
Low Barrier / Zero Bias:No

BAT62-02W and BAT62-03W, low cost schottky detector diodes up to microwave frequencies

BAT62-02W and BAT62-03W are Schottky diodes for HF - RF and microwave frequencies, thanks to their very low junction capacitance they can be used as RF detector from lower to microwave frequencies, typical to 6 GHz, and also to 10 GHz if the signal is quite high. The SMD low cost case SOD-323 has a little residual inductance of 2nH while the BAT62-02W has a small SMD case SCD-80 and it is suitable for higher frequencies thanks to its very low residual inductance of only 0.6nH.

BAT62 series are also optimal for circuit protection against voltage spikes as clipping or clamping in telecommunications equipment, data line and, thanks to the very low residual capacity, also in front-end for receivers see application note Infineon (Siemens) no. 065. They are also usefull as detector (both forwarded and reflected power), for high power together with a directional coupler or directly to the RF for signal at low-medium power thanks to the reverse voltage of 40V.

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