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cod. CIP-706

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Category: RF coaxial cable assemblies
Order code: CIP-706
Manufacturer: - - -
Model p/n: - - -
RoHS: Yes
Conditions: New
Unit weight: 85.00 g

RF coaxial cable assembly

  • Specifications
  • Description
Cable type:RG223
Length:50 cm
Maximum frequency:6 GHz
Impedance:50 Ohm

These cable assemblies are suitable for applications up to 6 GHz. They are made with RG223 flexible cable with outer diameter 5.4 mm, the main features are: a low insertion loss, the double shield that guarantees a good level of shielding even at high frequencies and a silver plated center conductor to reduce the attenuation. These cable assemblies are a better alternative to the economic RG58 cable and they offer good performances even if they remain in low cost category. For example if it is compared to the RG58 cable there is an improvement in the insertion loss of approximately 20%. Thanks to the fact that they are assembled with N male connector you get a better impedance matching because they are of good quality and suitable for operation up to 11 GHz.
N male connector has a ternary alloy outer coating which gives it an excellent electrical conductivity, low deterioration in time and high resistance to oxidizing acids, moreover it as a gold plated center pin conductor.

N connector specifications

Frequency range: dc - 11 GHz
External hexagon: 18 mm
External finishing: ternary alloy with high conductivity

Total typical attenuation:
- 0.25 dB @ 1300 MHz
- 0.35 dB @ 1900 MHz
- 0.40 dB @ 2400 MHz
- 0.70 dB @ 5500 MHz

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