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cod. KIT-AKE-1

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Minimum:1 pc
Multiple:1 pc
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1+ pc 107,00
In stock: 19 pc
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Category: Components kits
Order code: KIT-AKE-1
Manufacturer: - - -
Model p/n: - - -
Conditions: Brand new
Unit weight: 18.00 g

PA3AKE Martein Bakker's kit n. 1

  • Description

PA3AKE Martein Bakker's kit n. 1


Product code Quantity Product code Quantity
ATCB-15P-500 2 pc ATCB-150P-300 2 pc
ATCB-18P-500 2 pc ATCB-180P-300 4 pc
ATCB-22P-500 4 pc ATCB-200P-300 1 pc
ATCB-27P-500 8 pc ATCB-220P-200 4 pc
ATCB-33P-500 10 pc ATCB-270P-200 6 pc
ATCB-36P-500 4 pc ATCB-300P-200 2 pc
ATCB-39P-500 5 pc ATCB-330P-200 9 pc
ATCB-47P-500 5 pc ATCB-390P-200 3 pc
ATCB-62P-500 3 pc ATCB-430P-200 1 pc
ATCB-68P-500 2 pc ATCB-470P-200 7pc
ATCB-82P-500 2 pc ATCB-680P-50 2 pc
ATCB-100P-500 2 pc ATCB-1N-150 7 pc
ATCB-120P-300 2 pc

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