Rogers RO4003C-0600-1E-1E

Double side laminate with polyester/ceramic dielectric

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  • Yes
  • RO4003C
  • polyester/ceramic
  • 3.38
  • 1.520 mm (0.060 in)
  • 1 OZ
  • double sided
  • 0.0027 @ 10 GHz
  • 1.96 pF
  • 228 x 305 mm
  • 9 x 12 in

Double side laminate with polyester/ceramic dielectric

Calculation of the track width (in mm) for an impedance of:
12.5Ω 25Ω 35.3Ω 50Ω 70.7Ω 75Ω 100Ω
21.3 9.32 5.92 3.55 1.93 1.72 0.9

RO4003 and RO4350 ceramic loaded thermoset plastic resin laminates were developed as an alternative to PTFE laminates for microwave frequency applications, they have better performaces than traditional FR4 even keeping the same processing and assembling cost.

RO4350 is flame retardant version of RO4003, both laminates have a better rigidity compared with PTFE types and same as FR4.

These laminates are manufactured with tight tolerances of εr and thickness in order to reach a very good repeatability.

ROGERS Application note

Ku band power amplifier

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Datasheet 214.2 kB
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