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PC board for saving components.

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/ pc
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Minimum: 1 pc - Multiple: 1 pc
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Weight 205.00 g
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PC board for saving components.

On this PC board can be saved the following components:

- 1x dc-dc converter input 36-72Vdc, output 12Vdc, 1,25A (see datasheet)
- 1x MAX1480B fully isolated interface RS422/RS485 (see datasheet)
- 1x MAX202 TTL/RS232 converter(see datasheet)
- 1x MOSFET IRF640
- 1x 5A 50SQ100 Schottky diode
- 1x common mode coil PULSE PO351 (see datasheet)
- 2x double telecommunications transformers T1/CEPT/ISDN PULSE T1090 (see datasheet)
- 1x Omron G6H-2-12V relais (see datasheet)
- 2x 90° RJ45 PCB connectors
- 2x 90° BNC female PCB connectors
- 3x gas surge arrester Epcos (see datasheet)
- 1x 60V Epcos varistor
- 2x 470uF 100V electrolitic capacitors
- Various dip-switch
- Various SMD components

This board is sold with the only purpose of saving the mounted components, we haven't electrical diagram neither we know the purpose which it was designed for.

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Datasheet 198.6 kB
Datasheet 494.2 kB
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