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22.4 to 23.8 GHz WR42 waveguide RX front-end

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22.4 to 23.8 GHz WR42 waveguide RX front-end

This is a 22.4 to 23.8 GHz receiving FRONT-END, the RF input is in WR42 waveguide with its input matching, it follows the first isolator in order to match the waveguide and the amplifier. The low noise amplifier is a GaAs-FET internal matched MMIC already matched by the manufacturer on the lower 21-22GHz band, type FMC2122LN-03 (RF-22WR42), or on the higher 22-23 GHz band, type FMC2223LN-03 (RF-23WR42). The characteristic of this amplifier is a gain of 12-13 dB with a noise figure of 3-3.5 dB and an excellent stability and repeatability very hard to obtain at these frequencies. There is another insulator as matching to avoid the return of the LO signal towards the antenna. The mixer consists of 2 quads of Schottky beam lead diodes HP HSCH-9301. This configuration, well known in microwave field, allows to use a LO at half frequency of the normally required simplifying the LO circuit. Follows a wide band hybrid for the IF output centered at 1 GHz but usable from 500 MHz to 1500 MHz.


  • RF: 22.4 - 23.8 GHz (max. 22.2 - 24 GHz)
  • LO: (freq. RF + freq. IF) : 2 (11.8 - 12.6 GHz)
  • IF: 1 GHz (max. 500 - 1500 MHz)
  • LO power level: +12/+13dBm
  • Gain: 3 - 6dB
  • Noise figure: 4.5 - 6 dB
  • Image rejection: about15 dB, depending on IF and OL
  • Return loss (RF and IF): about -15dB
  • Connectors: SMA f (OL and IF), WR42 waveguide (RF input)
  • Power supply: +8V 50mA, -5V 10mA
  • Size: 91 x 60 mm, h 26 mm

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