MA-COM 11556

RF coaxial cable assembly

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  • SMA > SMA
  • right angle plug > jack
  • bulkhead
  • MA-COM 11556
  • 30 cm
  • flexible
  • Low density PTFE
  • 15 GHz
  • 50 Ohm

These cable assemblies are low loss special types for microwave measurements.
What makes them different from other teflon cables is the MICROPOROUS teflon (except Multiflex types) ie mixed with air so as to ensure maximum flexibility with low loss, because the only teflon insulation is not enough for low attenuation but the presence of a large percentage of air (inert gas) gives the insulator a low attenuation and greater flexibility than the full teflon. Always with the aim of giving them a high reliability in these measures at microwave frequencies these cables have a double shield, of course, both internal conductor and the two shields are silver plated.
Multiflex 141 and 86 types are cheaper versions, compared to other higher performance cables, they have no guarantee on constant phase during bending.

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Datasheet 62.5 kB
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