Manufacturer code: OCXO-26T-10
Order code: SU-87

Double OCXO oscillator at 4,55 MHz and 39,6 MHz, with 65 °C thermostated heater

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Double OCXO oscillator at 4,55 MHz and 39,6 MHz, with 65 °C thermostated heater

This is a spare part for Collins P/N 277-0494-010, it is used for radio transceivers equipments.
This double oscillator is sold with the purpose of saving the 65 °C thermostated heater to use for the construction of a customized one.
This is possible because the heated and thermostated chamber is a metallic box of 36x40 mm internal size and height 15 mm with 3 screws for the p.c.b. mounting.
The external size of the main container is 62x52mm, height 25 mm with 4 screws 12mm long for the mounting.
The power supply voltage for the oscillators part (common to both frequencies) is 5 V with a current of about 10 mA.
The power supply voltage of the heating part is 12 V with current of about 750 mA (cold) and about 350mA at 65°C stable temperature.

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Datasheet 201.5 kB
2 years ago

really good value. T regulation 71°C for one of my 2modules. Work fine. With quality Xtal HC6U 10 MHz, stability 30' acheives easily better than 1 part in 1E08 in a Colpitts oscillator. Enough s


BUON PRODOTTO! Si smonta facilmente,e all'interno si riesce a far stare un circuito abbastanza grande,ho anche recuperato i componenti del circuito originale che sono di buona qualità!

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